Corporate Social Responsibility


At Melissa Lux we are passionate about nurturing the skills, passions, strength and talents of the next generation.

We demonstrate our commitment to this through a mentoring programme with young people in the secure estate as well as within the community. Central Pulse was founded in 2010 with one goal, to ensure that young people, as the heart beat of any culture remained inspired and empowered:

  • To strive towards growth and self improvement;
  • To engage in education, training and or enterprise;
  • To strive towards integrity in decision making

To enquire about our mentoring programme email:

Our thanks to our partners who have supported our vision.

The Youth Justice Board


O2 Think Big

The Challenge Network

SACHA Cosmetics



Melissa Lux and it's partners operate a cruelty free policy pursuant with European Union Legislation.

The European Union has prohibited the testing of finished products on animals since the beginning of the 80s.

Furthermore, since March 2009, the marketing of cosmetic products containing ingredients tested on animals outside the EU has been prohibited.


Melissa Lux respect the rights of individuals to religious freedom. Some of our stakeholders find Halal Certification a benefit as the Halal label is given to cosmetic and personal care products that meet the strict rules of Sharia law. We are transparent with stakeholders about which products carry this certification, including the whole range from SACHA Cosmetics.